Mechanical Engineering

The department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 1986 since the inception of the college. 1. Currently, it has an intake capacity of 120 students per batch for B. Tech. and 18 students per batch for M. Tech. (Specialization: Mechanical System Design). T2. This department is guided by 04 Associate Professors and 12 Assistant Professors


-Thermal Engineering Lab.
-Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab.
-Heat Transfer Lab.
-Machine Dynamics Lab.
-Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Lab.
-Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machine Lab.
-Automobile Engineering Lab.
-Solid Modeling and Simulation Laboratory.
-Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab.
-Engineering Drawing & Graphics Lab.


Er. Sitesh mohapatra



Experiences:Teaching / Industry : 9 Years

Specializations: Industrial Engineering

Er. Sanjay Kuamr Behera

Associate Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech, Ph.D(Continuing)

Experiences:Teaching 27 Years

Specializations:Heat and Power Engineering

Er. Satya Sundar Patra

Associate Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech, Ph.D(Continuing)

Experiences:Teaching : 18 Years

Specializations:Industrial Engineering

Er. Salila Ranjan Dixit

Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech, Ph.D (Continuing)

Experiences: Teaching : 9 Years

Specializations:Thermal Engineering.

Dr. Birajendu Prasad Samal

Assistant Professor


Experiences: Teaching : 25 Years, Industry : 2 Years

Specializations:Production Engineering

Er. Rajesh Kumar Behera

Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech., Ph.D.(Continuing)

Experiences:Teaching : 16 Years, Industry : 1 Year, Research : 1 Year

Specializations: Production Engineering

Er. Rabindra Nath Senapati

Assistant Professor

Qualifications:B.E, M.Tech (Continuing)

Experiences:B.E, M.Tech (Continuing)

Specializations:Mechanical System Design

Er. Arnab Sengupta

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.E, M.Tech, PhD (Continuing..)

Experiences:Teaching : 7 Years, Industry : 15 Years

Specializations: Machine Design & Analysis.

Er. Rajendra Prasad Nayak

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.Tech, M.Tech

Experiences:Teaching 10 Years

Specializations:Manufacturing Process System

Er. Asutosh Panda

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M.Tech,PhD (Continuing..)

Experiences:Teaching 10 Years

Specializations:Thermal Engineering

Mr. Sushreemita Acharya

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.Tech, M.Tech

Experiences: Teaching / Industry : 10 Years

Specializations:Thermal Science Engineering.

Er. Debabrata Rath

Assistant Professor

Qualifications:B.Tech, M.Tech,PhD (Continuing..)

Experiences:9 Years, Industry : 2 Years

Specializations:Manufacturing Process and System

Mr. Ambika Prasad Mohapatra

Technical Assistant


Experiences:Teaching : 17 Years, Industry 6 Years