Orissa Engineering College has received approval for B.Tech. Programme in 6 Streams.

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Civil Engineering

1. Its a core Engineering Stream that has emerged as the base of modern society.

2. Different Labs include GeoTech Engineering, Surveying, Material Testing, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Lab. & Simulation Lab.

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Computer Science & Engineering

1. Computer Science is a breed of science that constitutes of numerous fields and areas with which one can prosper and master ranging from gaming graphical designing, applications programming, web development, etc.

2. The Department has Database lab, Operating System Lab, Networking Lab, System Programming Lab, Project Lab & Computer Centre.

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Electrical Engineering

1. Its being a core Engineering Stream has all the needful equipments and labs. of very good quality.

2. Different Labs include Network Devices Lab., Microprocessor & Micro-Controller Lab., Electrical Machines Lab.I & II, Simulation Lab.

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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

1. This branch of Engineering meets the emerging Electronics & Telecommunication needs of the society and has a wide spread impact over the society.

2. The department has Basic Electronics Lab., Communication Systems Lab., TV & Antenna Lab., Circuit Simulation Lab., MPMC Lab. & VLSI Design Lab.

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Information Technology

1. One of the Modern Branches of Engineering that interfaces the Core Engineering Systems with the Human Beings and meets the needs of the Society.

2. It has the Multimedia Lab., Operating System Lab., Programming Lab. & Computer Architecture & Networking Lab.

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Mechanical Engineering

1. The different labs in this department are Heat Transfer Lab, Dynamics Lab, Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machine Lab, Automobile Engineering Lab, Thermal Engineering Lab, Material Testing Lab, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Lab. and Metrology Lab.

2. Extensive laboratories for Vibration and Stress Analysis.